Brunch: where friends, food, and fun come together for the perfect slow morning recipe

Thanks to the holiday weekend, today was like a second Sunday for my friends and a substitute Sunday for me (I work in the hospital most Sundays). Obviously we had to seize this opportunity and turn it into a brunchin' kind of morning. We're talking good chats, beautiful (and delicious!) food, a couple small messes,... Continue Reading →


São Miguel {Adventure Destination for a Vacation You’ll Never Forget}

Såo Miguel, Portugal. One of nine islands in the Azores- an autonomous region of Portugal- this destination may not be on your radar yet, but it should be! Here are some of the best attractions and outdoor locations to explore when you book a trip to the Azores.

Care Package from God

A couple of weeks ago I arrived home from work to Nick standing in the kitchen next to three large boxes. Earlier that day he had arrived home from school to those same three boxes sitting on the front porch, addressed to us! Knowing that I get excited about any package that shows up at our place, Nick had stacked them on the kitchen counter and waited until I got home to open them up.

Church in the Hospital

Saturday morning my alarm sounded at 4:45. Ooph, its early. I arrived at work and was assigned my patients, printed out my medications, received report, and headed out to get started with my assessments. And that's when a simple prayer proved powerful.

10 Cheap or Free Fall Dates

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter its easy for date night to go from adventurous, outdoorsy, active, and lively to just another night curled up on the couch. And while there isn't really anything wrong with that, here are a few fall date ideas that are creative, active, and engaging. Autumn offers so many activities that involve intentional connection with each other and some good ole fashion fun!

6 Practical Ways to be More Intentional

If we make a habit of this unintentional living, many of our goals will be unrealized, many of our relationships two-dimensional, and many of our days unbearably monotonous. So, how can you begin living more intentionally? Here are six practical ways to begin being more intentional.

Mega Update {and a look at what’s to come }

Well hey there! It sure has been a while. In fact, it's been months. I didn't mean for time to run away with me like this, but it has a way of doing that when we're not paying attention. It likes to slip by, unnoticed if possible. I've been quite busy in this time away, but I never meant to take such a long break from blogging. I'm back though, and this time I hope its for good!

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