Care Package from God

A couple of weeks ago I arrived home from work to Nick standing in the kitchen next to three large boxes. Earlier that day he had arrived home from school to those same three boxes sitting on the front porch, addressed to us! Knowing that I get excited about any package that shows up at our place, Nick had stacked them on the kitchen counter and waited until I got home to open them up.

Brandless box on the porch

The boxes were clearly labeled with “Brandless” written across the sides. For those of you who don’t know, Brandless is a company that sells groceries, kitchen utensils, stationary, and cleaning supplies and delivers them to your home. Nick and I had been curious and had made an order about a month or two ago, just to try it out and I may do a separate product review later if you all are interested in that sort of thing.

Anyways, Nick and I had tested it and enjoyed it for the most part. In fact we enjoyed it enough to make a second order about a month after the first order. That order arrived and we had fun stocking the kitchen shelves with healthy snacks and common cooking staples. Our second package arrived only a couple of days before this big shipment of three boxes.

As I walked in the door and saw Nick standing proudly next to the boxes, I grinned and asked, “You made another order?!” Suddenly, confusion came across his face. “I thought you ordered them, Paige.”

Hesitantly, we decided to open the boxes to see if we could find a packing slip with some information about who had ordered them and where they should have gone.We opened each box and searched for a piece of paper with the order information, while trying not to rummage too much. After our initial search we failed to find the packing slip so decided to pull each item out of the box. Finally, every item was spread out on the counter, table, and floor and still no packing slip.

We reached out to Brandless to see if they knew where the packages were intended to go or how we should go about getting the items back to their rightful owner. When the Brandless representatives asked about the packing slip we informed them that we didn’t receive one in any of the packages but sent them a photo of the shipping information and barcodes printed on the boxes in hopes that these could direct them to the right people. They got back to us saying that the information we gave wouldn’t be enough to identify the intended receiver and that we should enjoy the free gift. They also assured us that if anyone reported a missing shipment that the would be sure to re-send the items to the correct customer.

At first Nick and I were stumped. Did somebody order this for us without us knowing it? How did our shipping labels get printed out and put on those three boxes? How come there was no packing slip?

And then it dawned on us both. The anonymous sender isn’t so anonymous. We should have seen it all along. You see, we were in a bit of a pinch with money at the time, between a few unexpected expenses and the change from my night shift paycheck to a day shift paycheck. And while we certainly had enough money to purchase groceries, this large shipment of food and household essentials (think toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, etc.) certainly cut down on the amount of money we needed to put out for essentials. Who else knew about our little tight spot with money, besides the One person who knows every detail of our lives? He had taken notice of our situation and out of His great Love for us and complete concern for every little detail of our lives, sent us a care package.

Talk about an awesome care package! I mean, my mom did a great job of sending me care packages in college. Boxes full of goodies that made girls nights more fun and brought the comforts of home to my dorm room. Even now, she’ll send me small packages with little reminders of how much she loves me and Nick. But these boxes that showed up, unexpectedly, and through a company’s mistake of all things, are by far the neatest care package I’ve ever received! How cool that God, King of the Universe, Creator of everything, leaned in close and printed a couple of shipping labels with our names on it, in order to give us an undeserved, unexpected gift? Talk about grace. Talk about love. Talk about being known!

Nick enjoying a Brandless freebie from our care package

We certainly have so much to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving week. All of our needs have been met and God gave us such an unexpected gift that we can’t help but be abundantly grateful for. What are you thankful for this week?

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