Fostering Community in Your Life

Contrary to what some might think, I believe fostering community in our lives doesn't start with going out and socializing all the time in an attempt to meet more people. It begins in the quiet.

6 Practical Ways to be More Intentional

If we make a habit of this unintentional living, many of our goals will be unrealized, many of our relationships two-dimensional, and many of our days unbearably monotonous. So, how can you begin living more intentionally? Here are six practical ways to begin being more intentional.

Eighteen Things for 2018

Scratch the title of this piece.

I scribbled down the list, but when I stepped back and looked at it, it just seemed so flat. While all of the things on the list are good, the list was missing something. It was so generic and flat - like a club soda that sat out for too long. Not only was it missing something, but the list suddenly seemed too cumbersome. Too many things; so many that likely none of them would be accomplished in the next year. That's when I realized I only need One thing for 2018!

Blessings of Contrast: a tale of two Christmases

Yesterday my parents, my siblings, Nick and I stepped off the MS Rotterdam, which had toured us around the West Caribbean for the previous seven days. There was food. Delicious and abundantly plentiful. There were gorgeous beaches and crystal clear waters. There was entertainment. Wholesome and enjoyable. There were friendly and enthusiastic housekeepers and servers.... Continue Reading →

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